What to know about Data Boost Add-On

Data Boost

"Data Boost" is an add-on that you can opt for on REITScreener Premium.

  • REITScreener Premium list price for US$99
  • You can opt to add the REITScreener Premium "Data Boost" add-on with list price for US$249
"Data Boost" is an add-on, so you cannot sign-up for "Data Boost" without a base REITScreener Premium subscription.
"Data Boost" provides access to the historical data as well as our advance charts with "Buy/Sell Zones".
Using "Parkway Life REIT" as an example, for REITScreener Premium subscribers, they will get to see all the data and trendlines for a specific REIT. However they are not able to click into those trendlines to get the full chart.
With "Data Boost", you will be able to click into the "Price-to-Book Ratio" and "Yield Spread" charts below. These charts give your the historical plot of the buy/sell zones with Buy marked by the green lines and Sell marked by the red lines. So in this case, based on the "Price-to-Book Ratio" we can see that Parkway Life REIT is not the right time to buy, but if you already own it, you could consider selling 50% of your holdings to lock-in profit as an example of actions you could take based on these Buy/Sell zone charts. Many do find these additional processing which you can't get anywhere else fairly useful for planning entry and exits.