Difference between Premium and Professional Plan on REITScreener 2.0

REITScreener Premium gives you access to basic features. Access to screener like the basic search of information of REITs except access to Data Boost. This is how the Data Boost icon looks like. 

The REITScreener TV and REITScreener EDU is not part of the Premium access as well. 

The Pro version of REITScreener adds additional functionality not in the Premium version such as:

  • Real Estate transaction data
    • Real Estate macro and trend data
  • Real Estate sector averages
  • Insider Trades on REITs
  • Dashboards of REITs by markets
  • REIT related news scraped from major news and blog sites and categories by the specific REIT
  • Weekly market briefs on our view on what's happening in the markets
  • REITScreener Plus community where we meet about once a month for a live Q&A session where we meet our subscribers and answer any questions they have on anything financial, economic and investment related. This is one of the biggest engagements and draw for people who are thinking between REITScreener Premium and Professional.