Guide on how you can navigate REITScreener

1. As a starting point, we recommend you get through some of our lighter content which you can read at a leisurely pace. We recommend you start with REITs 101 and REITs 102 as well as the REITScreener Investment Philosophy to get to know us better:

There is already plenty here to begin with and will give you a good overview of how we think and what are the key REIT knowledge that are important to investors. With that good foundation, we can move on to more detailed elaboration on our recorded webinars. 

2. Head over to REITScreener EDU and ensure that you are logged-in using your REITScreener magic link and head to the following link:

After heading to this link, select the "REITScreener's REITs Education Webinar Series" option. You should be presented with a screen similar to the screenshot below. There are over 8.5+ hours of recorded webinar. We advise that you watch the series in order. As you have already attended Session 1 live, you can proceed to start with Session 2 and then 3. We recommend that you move through the various sessions and chapters in order. Don't forget to watch the case studies of 2 REITs, one listed in Singapore and one in U.S. at the last chapter of Session 3: image.png If you are not sure where the 2 case studies are, here are the links:

3. For a more specific topical content, head over to #FutureOfOffices which you will see at the top-right corner of the top menu bar. Then click on the top-right corner menu #FutureOfOffices and click on the "Download the REITScreener Research Full Report" and the download link will be sent to your email. If you have not already logged-in to REITScreener, you will need to do so first. This is a pretty comprehensive report that we have prepared to address the question about the relevance of offices in the current season of working from home. 

4. Consider taking the quiz to understand your investor profile and see what are the recommended strategies you could take for REITs investment:

5. Play around with REITScreener and apply what you have learnt in Point 1, 2 and 4 above! Discover new REITs in Singapore, Hong Kong and around the world! Play with the different filters and see what you discover! Have a more in depth look at the REITs and see which one interest you. Try to apply the same analysis as the 2 case studies on newly discovered REITs. Have fun! Explore!

6. Explore some of our interesting context and REIT Case Studies on REITScreener Market Briefs, we have compiled a few of our favorite ones below:

7. Do also review our topical episodes on REITScreener TV Specials at the following link, I am sure you will find some interesting topics:

Perhaps you could start here with these 2 interesting topics:

8. Explore our blog at for more information about our views on Singapore listed REITs:

Here are some of our more popular ProButterfly articles:

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