How can I add a REIT on my Watchlist?

Watchlist is only available in Premium and Professional plan. This is the best feature that you can use to monitor the status of your chosen REIT. To add 

How to Add a REIT on your Watchlist. 

1. First is to login to your REITScreener application,

2. Click on REITs to choose which REITs to add to your Watchlist. In this example, we will choose, Ascendas Hospitality Trust

3. Once clicked, it will open up the REIT Company information. Click on Add to Watchlist button right across the REIT name.

4. Once added to Watchlist, the button changes to "Added to Watchlist". 

5. To check your Watchlist, click on Watchlist on the left panel. 

6. Ascendas Hospitality Trust should be in your Watchlist. 

If you have any question or needs assistance with, feel free to reach out to us via Chat or at