How can I setup the Alert?

The Alert feature is a unique feature for those with Premium and Professional plans only. This feature will help you be notified of the status of your REIT. Simply set the alerts to get notified of its progress. 

To set up an alert, you'll have to add a REIT to your Watchlist first. If you're not familiar on how to add a REIT to Watchlist, click here

Here are the steps on how to add an Alert. 

1. Login to your REITScreener account.

2. Provided that you've already added a REIT to your Watchlist. Click on Watchlist. 

3. Watchlist section will look like this if you've already added a REIT.

4. To set up an alert, click on Alert under Actions. 

5. New window will open. 

6. Setting up an alert can be done in 4 Conditions. Share Price, Quality Score, Valuation Score and Insider Trade. 

7. Setup an alert based on the Condition that you want to be alerted of. For this example, we will go with Quality Score.

8. We need to know the current Quality Score of the REIT as well to properly set an alert. You can check the Quality Score of the REIT by accessing the REIT's Index. 

9. In this example, the current Quality Score of Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail is 38.4 -- we can set an alert based on this. Either we can set it Crossing Up or Crossing Down. 

10. This time, we'll set Crossing Up. For the Alert Actions, you can just indicate anything. Don't forget to click on Save button.


11. Alert has been added successfully once you get this message:

12. To check the Alerts that you've set, go to Portfolio.


13. You can find Alerts at the bottom part of Portfolio. 

14. Alerts will be sent via email