Can I setup a customize set in REIT's Index?

Custom Set on REITScreener is a feature where you can group a number of filters for you to easily monitor them at the same time. To set up your Custom Set, just follow these steps: 

1. Login to your REITScreener account.

2. Click on REITs on the left panel.

3. Under the Edit Column drop down, check the column that you wish to group together. For this example, we will group -- Gearing Ratio, 12-Mth Trailing Yield and NPI Yield. 

4. Once done, the three column should appear in the REIT Index Table

5. To set up the set, click on Custom Set dropdown and name the group. For this sample, we will name it "Sample Set". Then don't forget to click on the Save icon to save the set. 

6. The "Sample Set" will be displayed as Favorites and will appear next to Edit Columns. 

7. You're all set. In this way, if you want to check out the three groups, "Gearing Ratio, 12-Mth Trailing Yield and NPI Yield, just click on Sample Set beside Edit Columns. 

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