How to start Using REITScreener?

To start using REITScreener, we want to make sure that we buy high quality REITs and fair prices. 

Using the Quality Score, we can filter the best quality REITs. A Quality Score of 75 or more indicates that the REIT has been very high quality based on historical track record. A Quality Score of between 60 to 75 indicates that the REIT is investment grade quality based on historical track record. The Quality Score is derived based on 15 different metrics, among them is consecutively growing DPU, NAV per Unit, NPI per Unit, low income support, conservative gearing, conservative interest cover, stable occupancy...etc.

Below is an example how I filtered from the highest to the lowest Quality Score for all the REITs in Singapore:

You may consider excluding BHG Retail REIT from the above filter as we know that BHG will be diluting shareholders in the years ahead. You may also want to exclude SPH REIT as well since we already know that Paragon's performance has been sliding.
Using the Valuation Ranges, we can see if the REIT is trading at a good price based on long term horizon. We provide 3 different valuation ranges using Absolute Valuation (Dividend Discount Modal), Relative Valuation (P/B Ratio) and Yield Spreads. All 3 methods where covered during the workshop. We should be patient to wait until the REITs fall into a valuation range where we have a good margin of Safety.
Sometimes Absolute Valuation (Dividend Discount Modal), Relative Valuation (P/B Ratio) and Yield Spread may not concur, sometimes they do. If they do, you have a high confidence level, if they don't, you have to evaluate to see if you are comfortable at the prices or do you want to wait until the prices fall further.
As an example, below is Fortune REIT where you can see that Absolute and Relative valuation appears to be in the the buy valuation ranges, but the Yield Spread isn't. You have to make a decision on whether the current price is something you are comfortable with or if you want a high margin of safety. You can refer to the notes during the workshop on how to interpret when the Absolute and Relative valuation does not overlap.

You should then continue to do further research and look at the news and writings by other bloggers to see if you spot nd news or risk. You can use the "Insights" function.

Also consider to look at the announcements, and Financial Reports and presentation slides. Also make use of the Company information tab to also learn more about the REIT. You are also welcome to follow us every week on Market Briefs to listen to our views on whats making news in the REITs markets.

The idea is that we want to put everything together in one convenient place for you to do your analysis including news and what other bloggers are writing about the REIT.

REITScreener aims to make your research and analysis in REITs more convenient and efficient. It does not replace your personal analysis. In fact, no software can do that for you. Education (REITs to Riches workshop) together with the tools (REITScreener) will help you simplify your REIT investing.

Hope this helps you to kick-start your journey into REITScreener.

NOTE: All of these features are available in Professional Level of plan.