How to Join REITScreener Plus

An invitation will be sent via email. Follow the instruction to join REITScreener Plus. 

1. Through the email invitation, click on JOIN ME. 

***note: REITScreener Plus account is totally different from your REITScreener application account. 

2. Click on Join button once you are in the REITScreener Plus landing page. 

3. Clicking on Join button will take you to the profile page. Set up your First Name, Last Name and photo. You may also link using your LinkedIn account or Facebook. Simply click the icon of what you've chosen. 

4. Click on Next button on the upper right corner of the page. 

5. Setup your Email Address, Password and type your Password again in the Confirm It field. Don't forget to tick the checkbox to agree to Mighty Networks Terms and Privacy Policy.

6. Once done, click on Create Account on the upper right corner of the page. 

7. There you go! You're in. You will be taken to the main page of REITScreener Plus timeline.