What are the features and benefits of each plan?

The REITScreener Free plan is open to all customers simply to experience and help the investing public make better decisions with regards to REITs. We open up a host of functionalities such as the Dashboard, Portfolio Manager, Watchlist Manager, charting functions, REIT Index Table with a host of different column filters and even the Insights page that compiles only REIT related news from around the globe. We aim to be provide even customers on the Free plan with tremendous value so that collectively, both investors can learn an appreciate REITs much better.

The Basic plan aims to help novice investors begin their investing journey in REITs. These are investors who are just beginning to take their first steps into investing in the world of REITs. During these early stages, complex analysis concepts and hidden from view. This allows focused attention only on the most important matrices. Our focus is to help you shortlist the highest quality REIT at the right price!

The Premium plan are for intermediate and advanced REIT investors who need deeper insight into each REIT. These investors have probably already been tracking their individual REIT portfolio and watchlists and closely follow the quarterly earnings results of their favorite REIT and are therefore looking for independent views and analysis. Therefore more advanced filters and detailed matrices are open up for their analysis.

For those on the Premium plan, we give you access to REIT Screener’s weekely Market Briefs, where we will discuss the latest news making headlines in the REIT sector to help you to make sense of news articles and help you read between the lines.

In Market Briefs we aren’t satisfied with simply telling the news, we will help you interpret the news so that you as an investor can understand how it impacts you.

With access to Market Briefs, you will have access to our past archive of weekly videos. Market Briefs is the only way to receive our latest analysis of the REIT and real estate markets.

The Premium plan with the Market Briefs bundle is the best plan for you if you are already a current REIT investor!

Regardless of whether you are on the Free, Basic or Premium plan, we make available the full functionality of 1 REIT so that everyone can fully test drive the full potential of REITScreener.

 The  Professional plan is built for the most advanced and experience REIT as well as real estate investors who require in depth insights into the real estate markets. These are investors with many years of investing experience and know specifically what they need and how interpret the various intertwined matrices. REITScreener also opens up a host of real estate data that would be difficult to gain access to such as real estate statistics and transaction data by specific address. The full suite of performance charts and filters are provided. On top of that, to make the value even more worthwhile, you may arrange a mutually convenient call with us to discuss any matters related to REITs!